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Carbon Filters

It is fair to say that the smell of decayed plant material, growing media and nutrients doesn’t tend to be pleasant! However, this is something you need not worry about if you purchase a carbon filter. The last thing you want is for the neighbours to be complaining about a nasty odour coming from your home. No matter what type of grow room you have, a carbon filter is an essential component. This product ensures that the rest of your house is not contaminated, as the warm air will be neutralised when it leaves your grow room. They work via the process of absorption, which involves attracting odours and impurities in the extracted air. Thus, the molecules causing the smell will adhere to the carbon surface. If you have not purchased a carbon filter for your grow room this is certainly a product you need to get your hands on.

Eliminate unpleasant odours with high quality carbon filters

Here at 3CH we have made an effort to provide you with a diverse range of carbon filters, suited to all requirements and budgets. If you are struggling to decide what one to purchase, use the handy step-by-step guide below.

Step One: Choose a size

Size is undoubtedly the most important consideration when buying a carbon filter. You need to ensure this component is going to be substantial enough for the size of your growth room and the number of plants in there. After all, the more decaying plant matter in the room, the more fertilisers used… the greater level of odour you will have to keep under control.

Step Two: Determine your price range

You need to determine how much money you have available to spend on this item. When building a grow room for the first time a lot of people set aside a budget for all components involved. Generally you will be able to pick up a high quality carbon filter for anything from £20 to £50. If something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Step Three: Pick a brand

It is also recommended to buy from a high quality brand – one that is well known in the industry. Two safe options are Rhino and Polar Air. Both have impeccable reputations.

Step Four: Consider the availability of replacement filters

You are advised to change air filters at least once every six months, to ensure they do not clog up with dust, dirt and moisture, as this will be detrimental to their effectiveness. Therefore, you will need to make sure you can easily get your hands on replacement air filters. Once you’ve made your choice, ordering is easy. We deliver quickly too, so you can have your new carbon filter up and running in no time!

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